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Welcome to the Wiki for the Laramie Robotics Club!

This Wiki is a resource for both parents, students, and educators. Below you will find basic information about the LRC, guides for our robots and software, and a catalog of past exercises and projects.


Our Mission:

The primary goal of the Laramie Robotics Club is for our students to have fun playing with robots, while also learning important skills, including math, programming, robotics, teamwork, time management, and resourcefulness.

Club Hours:

Engineering 4045 - Thursdays, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Contact Info:

The LRC is led by UW Computer Science professors Jeff Clune and Ruben Gamboa, Ph.D student Roby Velez, and Laramie software engineer Jeffry Herndon. These are your go-to people if you have questions:

Jeff Clune (professor)
Ruben Gamboa (professor)
Roby Velez (graduate student)

Our team also includes several student helpers, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have during our club meetings.

LRC Education Package

The LRC Education Package describes a set of programming activities created by the Laramie Robotics Club. The activities focus on fun and hands-on exercises that utilize elements of programming, graphics, game design, story telling, and robotics.

The LRC Education Package requires two separate pieces of software: the Calico IDE and the PortalWindow code. A brief description and instructions to install each are provided in the links below.



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