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The LRC Curriculum in broken into robotic and non-robotic activities. The non-robotic activities main focus is to teach programming and be fun and engaging activities. They include short modules and activities such as a Dungeon Crawler type teaching game, drawing graphics with programming, and creating games. The robotic activities include controlling wheeled and legged robots such as Scribbler and Bioloid robots.


The non-robotic activities require two pieces of software: Calico and the LRC Education Package


Information on Calico and how to install it can be found here:

LRC Education Package


The LRC Education Package is an application used by the LRC that acts as a launch pad for various activities as well as an infrastructure to gather analytics to monitor students progress on said activities. A download link can be found here. All of the activities can be run standalone, but require the LRC's custom version of Calico.

Portal Window can be downloaded from here: The folder can be unzipped and placed anywhere on you're computer, for instance on your Desktop.

To launch the Portal Window:

  • Open Calico
  • From Calico go to File and Open
  • Navigate to where you save the PortalWindow folder
  • Go into the PortalWindow folder and open
  • Hit the green run button at the top of the Calico IDE to run

See the Calico for instructions (including pictures) of how to open Calico, open a file, and then run said file.

Robot Exercises

The LRC currently has two operational robot systems: The Scribbler Robot and Bioloid Premium Robots. Below are the links to robot exercises.

Robot Exercises:

General information regarding these robots systems can be found below. They posse information on how to purchase the robots, how to connect and control the robots, various exercises, and advanced documentation for hacking the robots.

Main Robot Pages:


The following info might be outdated. Please disregard.

Scribbler Adventure


Scribbler Adventure is a Dungeon Crawler type game. Students control Scribby a simulated robot. Students have to learn basic programming in order to control Scribby and get him to navigate various hazards and stages.

For more information on how to edit/launch Scribbler Adventure, navigate the interface, or how to make you're own levels please see the Scribbler Adventure page.


Graphics exercise have students use coding and programming to draw and animate different scenes. The Graphics exercises pdfs can be found int he PortalWindow folder and are guide to creating various scenes and animations. The following are various examples of pictures and animations made by students in the LRC.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Choose Your Own Adventure activity is reminiscent of the Choose Your Own Adventure books where readers can turn to different pages and progress the story in different directions.


The Platformer is a set of code that allows students to quickly create a platformer game.

Other Programming Activities

Hacking Existing Code

In Calico you can look at some of the example code found under File>Examples>Python>Graphics>Games . Below are examples of students editing the file.

Physics Demos

Soon we will add physics demos to the activities in the Portal. Here is example of one

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