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The following links detail how to get started with the LRC Curriculum. The information is broken into two parts; instructions if you are working in the LRC Room in EN4045 or if you are trying to get the LRC Curriculum up and running at home.

LRC Room EN4045

All of the software needed for the LRC will already be installed on the computers in EN4045. Ask an LRC mentor for the login information.



To start simply log onto one of the computer in EN4045. On login Calico will open and run the program. You will be asked to 'Login' or 'Create New Account'. If you do not have an account click on 'Create New Account' and fill in your information. If you already have an account click 'Login' and enter you're first and last name.

LRC Curriculum

Once logged in you'll see the Portal Window from which you can select an activity. See the Portal Window page for more info on how to navigate the portal and the activities available.


To connect and use the Scribbler and Bioloid robots see the Scribbler Connection Scribbler Connection and Bioloid Connection guides. Examples of exercises can be found at Scribbler Exercises and Bioloid Exercises.

LRC Curriculum from home

To run the LRC Curriculum from home you'll need to download and install Calico and the Portal Window program.

Calico Information on how to download the LRC version of Calico and well as how to interact with the interface can be found here.

Portal Window Information on how to download the Portal Window package can be found here.

Robots Information on the robots we use and how to buy them can be found on the Scribbler Page and the Bioloid Page.