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The following instructions relate to the Window 10 machines in EN4045 at the University of Wyoming. These basic idea behind these instructions will probably extend to other versions of Windows or computer setups.

There are three things you need to do to use Calico to connect to a Scribbler robot:

  • Connect the computer to the robot
  • Find the COM port of your robot
  • Initialize the robot in Calico

You can find the entire process below in 17 steps with pictures. Don't worry though, most steps are really simple, and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to connect to the robot :D.

Connect the computer to the robot

Step 1: Insert the Fluke board.

Take a Fluke board and put it into the port at the back of the robot.

Step 2: Turn on the robot.

Flick the black on/off switch of the Scribbler. For the robot to be ready to accept Bluetooth connections, you will have to wait until a second beep. The first beep indicates that the robot has turned on, the second beep indicates that the robot is ready to accept connections. Be patient, it can take a while before you'll hear the second beep.

Step 3: Insert Bluetooth dongle.

Insert the Bluetooth dongle into any of the USB ports of the computer.

Step 4: Double click on the Bluetooth icon.

A few seconds after you inserted the Bluetooth dongle, you should find the Bluetooth icon in the bottom right of your screen. Double click on the icon.

Step 1 double click bluetooth icon.png

Step 5: Select the Fluke board of your robot.

The computer should now start searching for Bluetooth devices. After some searching, you should see a list of Bluetooth devices that this computer can connect to. Look at the Fluke board of your robot, and you should find a small white sticker with the text "BETTER BOTS", and picture of a robot, and a 4 character code (e.g. 05FC). Look at the list of Bluetooth devices, and click on the device named Fluke2-XXXX, where XXXX is your 4 character code (e.g. Fluke2-05FC).

Step 2 select fluke board for your robot v2.png

Step 6: Click pair.

Once you select your device, you should see the "pair" option. Click on it to connect to the robot.

Step 3 click pair.png

Step 7: Device paired.

You should now see that your device is paired.

Step 4 device paired.png

Find the COM port of your robot

Step 8: Click connected devices.

To use the robot in Calico, we need to know its COM port. To find the COM port, click "Connected devices".

Step 5 click connected devices.png

Step 9: Scroll down.

The option we need is all the way at the bottom of this page. Scroll down until you see "Devices and printers".

Step 6 scroll down.png

Step 10: Click devices and printers.

Click on the option "Devices and printers".

Step 7 click devices and printers.png

Step 11: Double click on your device.

Find your device and click on it. Once again, your device is called Fluke2-XXXX, where XXXX is your 4 character code (e.g. Fluke2-05FC).

Step 8 double click your device.png

Step 12: Click hardware.

In the menu that pops up, click on the hardware tab.

Step 9 click hardware.png

Step 13: Look for COM port.

In the hardware tab, you should now see a short list (2 items) of "Device Functions", where the second item is "Standard Serial over Bluetooth". Next to it should be the COM port in parenthesis.

Step 10 look for com port.png

Initialize the robot in Calico

Step 14a: Restart Calico.

Very Important. If you have run the robot simulator built into Calico (i.e. Scribble Adventure) then you have to restart Calico in order to connect to the real robot.

Step 14: Switch to shell.

Open Calico and switch to the "Shell" tab.

Step 11 switch to shell.png

Step 15: Type: from Myro import *

In the Calico shell, type:

from Myro import *

Step 12 from myro import star.png

Step 16: Type: init("COMX")

In the Calico shell, type:


Here X is the number you got from looking at the hardware tab of your device (e.g. COM4).

Step 13 init com.png

Step 17: Look for conformation

If everything worked as expect, you should now hear the robot beep again, and you should see the following message in the output tab of calico: "You are using: Fluke, version 3.0.9". If you see this message, you are ready to go! Try:


and the robot should turn in place.

Step 14 done.png